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A Message of Hope and Healing: LOVE HEALS Documentary Premieres Worldwide for a Limited Virtual Screening


LOVE HEALS FILM POSTERFeature length documentary LOVE HEALS will premiere worldwide for a limited virtual screening from January 18th – 30th, 2022. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at:

Based on the works of NY Times best-selling author, Ilchi Lee, comes LOVE HEALS, a documentary exploring how an ancient mind-body principle known for 10,000 years could be the secret to healing. Featuring leading medical and scientific experts including Bruce Lipton, PhD, David Hanscom, MD, and Les Aria, PhD, and world-renowned energy healing practitioners, the film explores the questions: What does it mean to truly heal? And does this wisdom have the power to change our world?

Produced by GetBright Films, LOVE HEALS follows the journey of Dana, a chronic pain sufferer in search of healing, and her partner, Krisanna, a filmmaker, as they travel the country together to understand how this ancient principle has helped so many heal, and to see what’s possible for those experiencing these practices for the first time. Viewers will hear from people whose lives have been transformed by these ancient energy principles and learn tangible tools to help improve their overall health and well-being.

“It’s the story of all of us,” said Krisanna Sexton, Director of LOVE HEALS. “In one way or another, we have all experienced pain and suffering in our lives. This film’s mission is to share the profound ancient wisdom of going within and discovering that you are your own best healer.”

To celebrate the launch of the film, a one-hour live YouTube Premiere Party in partnership with Brain Education TV will be held on January 18th, 2021 – 8 PM (ET), 5 PM (PT). The party will include a special preview of the film, a short message from Executive Producer, Ilchi Lee, and a Q&A with the production team.

LOVE HEALS virtual screening ticket information can be found at:


About GetBright Films

GetBright Films is an independent film company committed to inspiring content and stories to contribute to a healthier, happier and more peaceful community. We produce visual media on personal growth, holistic well-being, and earth management to awaken human consciousness for the benefit of all.

LOVE HEALS Film Official Trailer

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