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How This Community is Healing Me (Newsletter, June 2022)

During this beautiful month in which we celebrate Pride and our LGBTQ+ family, I can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude for the past week and the love and support we received at the Our Soul Journey conference in Sedona.

Because it was our first time screening our film at a conference of this size, I had quite a bit of fear. Sharing our story and especially showing our love publicly hasn’t been easy for me, and I was honestly terrified about what others might think.

While the film was being shown, I stood at the very top of the auditorium, nearly holding my breath, as over 400 people watched LOVE HEALS together. I could tangibly feel the energy of the room, and it was as if I was watching the film for the first time.

At that moment, I was no longer the filmmaker who had toiled over 150+ hours of footage – who knew every edit, who could quote nearly every line and wondered if I could have made it better. For the first time, I could feel the magic others had been describing to me. I felt the healing. I could see people being visibly impacted by the stories and by the transformations they were witnessing. And I knew in that sacred space – THIS IS WHY I AM HERE.

After the film ended, Elan brought us on stage to a standing ovation that seemed like it lasted forever. Dana and I were completely overwhelmed at the response. Over the next several days, we had the honor of connecting with so many people who generously shared how the film had impacted them and told us that they wanted to help get this message out to the world.

But, what impacted me the most, was how many people thanked us for sharing our relationship and showing our love. After a lifetime of being told that who I am and how I love is unacceptable, to have my vulnerability met with so much love and acceptance was truly life changing.

This conference made me realize something incredible – there is great power in healing together. I now see how LOVE HEALS carries its own energy and its own transformative power and, although I filmed and edited it, it now has a life of its own. I was simply the conduit of the message, and now that message is reaching out and touching people exactly where they are at with exactly what they need to hear, including me.

I feel so much gratitude to Elan for inviting us to this incredible conference and allowing those in attendance to experience our film. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I am forever thankful.

Happy Pride Month,


P.S. Don’t miss this month’s MIND, BODY & SOUL healing resources below.


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The body, mind, and spirit combine to create healing energy. That energy lives within the body. This practice from Steven Washington combines, movement, breath, and self-massage to activate the inner healer in you. Watch On YouTube 



During some of the darkest moments in Dana’s healing journey, listening to this song on repeat helped keep her grounded and connected with herself. We hope you will find comfort and inspiration in it too. Listen on Spotify or YouTube

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