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Sending the Critics LOVE đź’™ (Newsletter, November 2022)

LOVE HEALS at Illuminate Film Festival

When we first released LOVE HEALS, we shared the film with a select number of people to gain feedback and thoughts before the worldwide release. As I read through the feedback, one note in particular nearly left me speechless…

While I believe the person was trying to be helpful, they said something to the effect of “This film will never be shown in Film Festivals and certainly will not win any awards.” Since my goal was to help people know they are their own best healers, I was ok if we didn’t win any awards. But something about those words really stung, and for a while, I felt pretty defeated.

Luckily it also helped me do my own inner work to recognize my value regardless of the “success” of the film, and I surrendered the future of the film’s impact to the universe. 

Then we met Danette Wolpert, the founder of the Illuminate Film Festival. She saw our film, was deeply touched because of her own healing journey and said she wanted it to be considered for her upcoming festival. Illuminate has premiered films such as “Heal” and given awards to powerful luminaries such as Michael Beckwith and Deepak Chopra. Danette is very protective about the type of content she elevates, and LOVE HEALS was selected out of 500 other film submissions (only one of four to be shown in person).

Last weekend we attended the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, AZ and it was a more remarkable experience than we could have ever imagined. We met other filmmakers from around the world doing their part to elevate consciousness, and we showed LOVE HEALS in a sold-out theatre screening. More than the numbers, it was the reaction of the audience that deeply impacted me. 

Having people come up to us with tears in their eyes saying how brave our story was and how much they could relate, grounded me in knowing that this is my life’s mission: to spread hope and healing throughout this planet with conscious filmmaking. 

In the last month, we’ve also won Official Selection for two other film festivals. Because the Spirit Film Festival is located in Israel, we just added Hebrew subtitles for all of our Hebrew-speaking friends.

So many doors have opened since this last weekend, and we are grateful to each and every one of you for being on this journey with us.

With love and gratitude,
Krisanna Sexton, Film Director

Bryce and Anna (pictured left) traveled from Iowa to participate in the Q&A. Taleaha and Angie (pictured right) who wrote and performed the song in the film, came from Prescott to show their love and support. Photo Credit: Andrew Holman
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