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The Turning Point In Our Search For Answers (Newsletter, May 2022)

I still remember what it was like in the early months after Dana’s spine surgery as we realized these invasive procedures had caused more harm than good. As we desperately searched for answers, what we needed the most was hope.

The turning point came when we found a community of other people who had experienced situations similar to ours. Through their stories, we found the hope that we were desperate for and the support we needed to keep moving forward.

That is why this film is so important.

We are hearing from more and more people as they watch the film that by witnessing the incredible transformations of others with similar stories, they finally feel HOPE for their own journey and recognize that they are not alone.

Hope and community have the power to change everything, and that is why we are so passionate about creating a movement to share this film with the people who need it most.

Here’s how we are working to make that happen:

  • We are hosting monthly zoom workshops for FREE called “The LOVE HEALS Gathering” where we bring in experts who can share their wisdom on mind-body practices while providing time for sharing in a small group setting.
  • We are working to partner with individuals, organizations and companies who want to host experiential screenings at their conferences or within their communities.
  • We are actively seeking sponsors who are passionate about bringing the film to LGBTQ+ Youth, Chronic Illness/Pain Support Groups, Rehab Centers, Prisons, Tribal Nations, underprivileged populations and more.

We are so excited for you to be a part of this movement with us. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any ideas or questions.

With love,

Krisanna Sexton
Director, LOVE HEALS

P.S. Don’t miss this month’s MIND, BODY & SOUL healing resources below.


In this episode of Dr. David Hanscom’s podcast, Back In Control – Live, Dana shares about how she learned to calm down her nervous system through a combination of techniques that she learned from Dr. Hanscom’s book and the community she found through his work. Listen on Blog Talk Radio


How often do you talk to your body? Ilchibuko will guild you meditate and communicate with your body. Heal your body, mind, spirit with ilchibuko. Be guided to go within and find peace and abundance of love. Filmed at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat. Watch On YouTube 



While filming for LOVE HEALS, we had the opportunity to capture some of the most breathtaking footage throughout Sedona, Arizona. Krisanna created this short meditation video with some of the unused footage so you could connect to the powerful energy of this spectacular place. Watch On YouTube

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