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The ICU Epiphany That Changed Our Lives (Newsletter, April 2022)

There is one moment that will forever be etched in the crevices of my mind when Dana was alone in the ICU…

We talked on the phone multiple times a day for hours and hours, and it was incredibly painful knowing she was in so much pain and I couldn’t be there by her side. This was her second spine surgery, and by that point, I had had enough. I couldn’t see the light and absolutely felt like a victim – wondering WHY this was happening to us.

One day when Dana and I were on the phone, she shared words I’ll never forget. She said, “Krisanna, I now see my life more clearly. If I make it out of here, and if one day I get my life back, I know I can never go back to my corporate job. I must do something with my life to help others just like me.”

Her words impacted me deeply as I knew she had so much in her that the world needed and I didn’t hide how I felt her job was holding her back.

As Dana returned home and slowly began to recover, she started talking about when she could go back to work. Confused, I reminded her of the words she shared with me in the hospital, and she said she had no memory of them. Her time in the hospital now sort of felt like a dream, but something about what I shared struck a chord within her.

Then as I was hired to film LOVE HEALS, I needed a ton of help. Naturally, she took on an unofficial Producer role to help me coordinate film shoots all while allowing me to follow her healing journey which was still very much underway.

Throughout the film production, I watched Dana come to life. Not only was she facing the depths of her trauma, but she was also uncovering a version of her the world had yet to see.

The more she helped with LOVE HEALS, the more we both realized how good she was at it, and I encouraged her to consider all of her gifts and all of the ways in which she could help people in the future. I am so proud of Dana and how far she has come. She is a natural producer and has also found passion in financial coaching.

And as I reflect back, I can now see WHY this all had to happen. We were never victims, and all of this pain was a guide towards uncovering the depths of our souls and realizing our truest potential within.

For those of you still navigating the darkness of your journey –
Maybe you are feeling overwhelming physical pain…
Maybe you are struggling with grief and the loss of someone or something dear to you…
Maybe you are faced with uncertainty in your future and feeling lost about your purpose…

Whatever it may be, I trust somehow, someday, you will see (as I did), why all of this was a necessary part of your soul’s growth – and you may even feel gratitude.

Sending you all the love in my heart,

Krisanna Sexton
Director, LOVE HEALS

P.S. Don’t miss this month’s MIND, BODY & SOUL healing resources below.


This guided meditation titled ‘Practicing Gentle Kindness toward Ourself’ from Sarah Blondin explores the elements of being human: of vacillating between trust and distrust and how to be gentle with ourselves in the process.  Listen on Insight Timer


Experience deep meditation and recharge with toe tapping. This video will explain how and why this special energy exercise is so useful for your body and mind. Whether you want to relax, increase circulation, or sleep better, in just under 11 minutes you can feel better with toe tapping. Watch Tutorial


After filming the retreat experience for LOVE HEALS, one of the participants, Taleaha, shared that she had written a song inspired by retreat’s intention of finding “home” within ourselves. We were honored to capture this song for the film and we hope you enjoy this full-length version. Watch Music Video


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